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win 10 pro

Dear Customer,

Thanks for purchasing Windows 10 pro from me. You can download directly from Microsoft with the link below:

Windows 10


Your key is has been sent to you as your tracking number in a separate message.

Your will download an ISO file. You need to burn (copy) it to a disc or usb stick using software like Poweriso. You can download this software from www.poweriso.com and its trial version will work. Please choose the option of “create bootable disc/usb” to unpack the ISO file to a disc/usb. After that, please start your computer from that disc/usb and the installation will begin. Please kindly use the key asap (within 24 hours). If you have any problem, please read first the tips below:


1. You should install a genuine retail Microsoft copy on your computer. Any previously installed system on your computer by computer company will not work with the retail license. You can obtain a working copy by using the link I gave you.

2. For any download problem, you can also use the directly download link:


3. If download will not start or freeze, please try to use a different web browser like firefox, chrome, IE, edge, or opera.

4. If you are upgrading from win 10 home to win 10 pro, please make sure you disable Windows defender.

5. If you find you are upgraded to win 10 home, please do not panic. Simply use the key to activate the system and it will be converted to win 10 pro.

6. If you find you are opening a “movie maker” software or any strange software after the download, it means you do not have a proper software to open the ISO file. Please download it from www.poweriso.com and its trial version will be good enough.


If everything fails, please send me a screenshot or at least exact error message. Please do not simply send me a message like “key does not work” as with that little information, I cannot help you. Thanks!