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Win 10 home

Dear Customer,

Thanks for purchasing Windows 10 home from me. You can download directly from Microsoft with the link below:


Windows 10



Your will download an ISO file. You need to burn (copy) it to a disc or usb stick using software like Poweriso. You can download this software from www.poweriso.com and its trial version will work. Please choose the option of “create bootable disc/usb” to unpack the ISO file to a disc/usb. After that, please start your computer from that disc/usb and the installation will begin.


Please kindly use the key asap (within 24 hours). If you have any problem, please read first the tips below:


  1. You should install a genuine retail Microsoft copy on your computer. Any previously installed system on your computer by computer company will not work with the retail license. You can obtain a working copy by using the link I gave you.
  2. For any download problem, you can also use the directly download link:


  3. If download will not start or freeze, please try to use a different web browser like firefox, chrome, IE, edge, or opera.