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Office 2016 Pro

Dear Customer,


Thanks for purchasing Office 2016 license key from me.

(If you purchased office 365 or office 2013, please do not use this page as you clicked on a wrong link. Using this page will lead to error information or key suspension)


Installation instruction:


Please first remove your previously installed office 2016 (inactivated trial version).

Visit setup.office.com->login or create your MS account->enter key->download


Or you can visit https://products.office.com/en-us/get-office-oem-download-page, and input key to download office.


Please use this key for only one computer or the number of computers the key is configured for you. Otherwise, the key will get blocked by Microsoft. Please use it asap.


1. I cannot find the option to download 32bit or 64 bit.

There is conflicting 32 bit or 64 bit software installed on your computer (outlook, project...). For example, you already have 32 bit outlook, you can only install 32 bit office on your computer.

2. After installed, it still shows not activated.

You might have signed into a different MS account. Or you have not removed your old version office like a trial version of office 2016. This will cause our little computer to be confused.

3. After you input the key, it shows key not in database.

If it is weekend, 99% is because Microsoft server is down. Please try it in 24 hours. In week days, please also wait for around 8 hours and try again.